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A Skinheads commentary on current events.

So, everyone is up in arms over this or that. The radical left and right are coming out and force and everyone is crying the end of the world. Racial politics seem to rule the day. The media is hyping it up and stoking the fires. Politicians are doing what politicians do. They are taking sides, hedging their bets and playing on our fears for no other reason than to get reelected and keep their seats of power. The left is upset because Hilary lost and Trump won and the right are upset because their politicians can’t seem to do anything that they promised. The reality is in 4 or 8 years nothing will have really changed and some other asshole from one or the other political parties will in in office. Not that I am making light of racism or racists as any of you know me know I don’t condone it in the least and as for the radical left you people are just as bad. You are as close minded as any Klan member because after all if someone doesn’t agree with you they are labeled, classified and attacked. I am here to tell the rest of you it’s ALL total bullshit. The radical right (read this as white supremacist folks) and the radical left (read this as Antifa or Militant left) are a small vocal and violent minority on the fringes of our society nothing more. Let me repeat this for you. They are loud, vocal and in some cases violent and can cause problems but they are the minority on both sides of the political spectrum. I urge all of you to invalidate them, ostracize them, shun them...both the radical right and the radical left. If you marginalize them, do not give them a voice and ignore them they will go back to their holes where they belong. What they truly seek is attention for whatever cause they are preaching today. Here is the truth each generation gets a little more tolerant, a bit more open and excepting. Older ideas give way to new ones. When people try to force change it rarely works, it causes resentment and strife. It causes people to hold on tightly, to things right or wrong. Give time all things change including ideas. Our kids will not share our ideas and beliefs and their kids will not either. So, step back, take a breath and try and relax. It’s, only the media, politicians and a few radical people who are stirring the shit pot.

Until next time
The WSN Staff

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